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Photography: race, rights and representation

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Datenträgertyp (RDA) Band
1. Person/Familie Sealy, Mark [VerfasserIn]
Titel Photography: race, rights and representation
Verantw.-ang. Mark Sealy
Verlagsort (RDA) London ; Chadwell Heath
Verlag (RDA) Lawrence Wishart
E-Jahr 2022
E-Jahr (RDA) 2022
Umfangsangabe 191 Seiten, 8 ungezälte Seiten : Illustrationen
Formatangabe 22 cm
Weitere Angaben Includes bibliographical references
ISBN 1-913546-33-0 paperback
ISBN 978-1-913546-33-5 paperback
Bezugswerk Inhaltsverzeichnis
Schlagwort / lok. Rassismus
Schlagwort / lok. Sealy, Mark
Inhaltliche Zsfg. Photography, representation and jazz.1.On being in limbo ;2.Moments outside the frame ;3.On Joy Gregory, Autoportrait (1989-90) ;4.The decolonial logic ;5.The Memory of Hope (2017) by Aïda Muluneh ;6.On Wilfred Ukpong --Human rights, human wrongs.7.Disposable people: contemporary global slavery ;8.Beyond the lens ;9.The event in focus (is not over) ;10.Notes on Towards a Promised Land (2005-06), by Wendy Ewald ;11.The canvases of representation and the photographs of Nontsikelelo Veleko ;12.Label cultural baggage --Black Atlantic.13.Ward four and more ;14.James VanDerZee: Harlems black photographer ;15.When existence alone is constant torture ;16.A note from outside, on Rotimi Fani-Kayode ;17.A gathering of souls ;18.On Faisal AbduAllah --Future-facing people.19.Critical conjunctures ;20.Every photograph has a story ;21.Between feeling and time: Brent in the 1980s and 1990s ;22.On John Goto ;23.Masterji: the photographs of Maganbhai Patel ;24.The triumph of optimism --Experiments with time.25.From Here to Eternity (1999) ;26.Absence and presence: the work of Oscar Muñoz ;27.Drowning World (2007-2018) by Gideon Mendel ;28.Travelling backwards ;29.Waiting ;30.Nothing is forever --Photography: promises to make a revolution.31.In five short acts ;32.Lumumba framed in colonial time ;33.The photographs of Eustáquio Neves ;34.What have we done with the image of Africa? ;35.Les Bijoux I-IX (2002), Maud Sulter ;36.How does the south appear on empires art map?
2. Inhaltliche Zsfg. "Weaving together analyses of work by Black photographers in the UK and internationally, interviews with key figures and personal reflections on the changing landscape of Black photography, this book offers an exploration of the past, present and future of decolonial visual practices. Mark Sealy sets out a new path for photography jazz-like, sensorial and experimental in order to free it from the classifying colonial lens, offering the reader the opportunity to move both conceptually and spiritually into new visual realms when reading an image"--
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