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Hollywood's Dirtiest Secret: The Hidden Environmental Costs of the Movies

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1. Person/Familie Vaughan, Hunter [VerfasserIn]
Titel Hollywood's Dirtiest Secret: The Hidden Environmental Costs of the Movies
Verlagsort (RDA) New York
Verlag (RDA) Columbia University Press
E-Jahr 2019
E-Jahr (RDA) 2019
E-Jahr (RDA) ©2019
Umfangsangabe 1 Online-Ressource (243 Seiten)
Titel der Serie Film and Culture Series
ISBN 978-0-231-54415-3
URL https://ebookcentral.proquest.com/lib/hfg-offenbach/detail.action?docID=5613966
Inhaltliche Zsfg. Hunter Vaughan offers a new history of the movies from an environmental perspective, arguing that how we make and consume films has serious ecological consequences. He examines the environmental effects of filmmaking from Hollywood classics to the digital era, considering how screen media shapes and reflects our understanding of the natural world.
2. Inhaltliche Zsfg. Intro -- Table of Contents -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction: The Big Picture -- 1. Burning Down the House: Fire, Explosion, and the Eco-ethics of Destruction Spectacle -- 2. "Five Hundred Thousand Kilowatts of Stardust": Water and Resource Use in Movies and the Marketing of Nature -- 3. Wind of Change: New Screen Technologies, the Visualization of Invisible Environmental Threats, and the Materiality of the Virtual -- 4. Apocalypse Tomorrow: The Myth of Earth's End in the Digital Era -- 5. The Fifth Element: Hollywood as Invasive Species and the Human Side of Environmental Media -- Conclusion: An Element of Hope -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Filmography -- Index.
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