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Africa fashion

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Datenträgertyp (RDA) Band
1. Person/Familie Checinska, Christine [HerausgeberIn]
2. Person/Familie Akerele, Omoyemi [MitwirkendeR]
1. Körperschaft Victoria and Albert Museum <London> [Gastgebende Institution]
Titel Africa fashion
Verantw.-ang. edited by Christine Checinska ; with contributions from Omoyemi Akerele, Amine Bendriouich, Gus Casely-Hayford, Summy Dolat, Bonnie Greer, Monica L. Miller, Elisabeth Murray, Njoki Ngumi, Hadeel Osman and Roslyn A. Walker
Verlagsort (RDA) London
Verlagsort (RDA) New York
Verlag (RDA) V&A Publishing
E-Jahr 2022
E-Jahr (RDA) 2022
E-Jahr (RDA) 2022
Umfangsangabe 198 Seiten, 26 ungezählte Seiten
Formatangabe 30 cm
Weitere Angaben "Published to accompany the exhibition Africa Fashion at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, from 2 July 2022 to 16 April 2023." -- from colophon
Weitere Angaben Literaturverzeichnis: Seiten 210-213
ISBN 978-1-83851-027-5 hardcover
ISBN 1-83851-027-3 hardcover
Schlagwort / lok. Afrika / Mode
Inhaltliche Zsfg. Prologue /Bonnie Greer --Introduction /Christine Checinska --Liberation and post-independence fashions /Christine Checinska --We face forward /Gus Casely-Hayford --Five fragments of African textile history /Roslyn A. Walker --Mid-century design: shoreline thinking and crossing borders /Christine Checinska --Contemporary creatives /Christine Checinska --Orange culture: once upon a time, in Nigeria... /Monica L. Miller --Agents of change --Afro-fashion futures /Christine Checinska --The place we call home: economic and cultural reclamation of African fashions /Sunny Dolat and Njoki Ngumi --Remaining second-hand markets in Africa /Hadeel Osman --It takes a village /Omoyemi Akerele --Choose our own seasons, crown our own heroes /Amine Bendriouich.
2. Inhaltliche Zsfg. "From Amanda Gorman in kente cloth (courtesy of Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton) on the cover of US Vogue, to Naomi Campbell's outings in Kenneth Ize, African fashion exerts worldwide influence. Africa Fashion explores how radical post-independence social and political re-ordering sparked a cultural renaissance across the continent. Designers such as Shade Thomas-Fahm, Chris Seydou, Kofi Ansah and Nina Gessous drew on past traditions, recovered and reinvented them and so laid the foundation for today's fashion revolution. The authors then present the work of the new generation of creatives such as Nigerian fashion designer Lisa Folawiyo, Somali visual artist Gouled Ahmed, Ghanaian woven bag maker AAKS, and Kenyan jeweler Ami Doshi Shah. Their work shows that there is no one way to be African and no single African aesthetic. The contemporary African fashion scene is as diverse and dynamic as the continent itself. With contributions from experts on cloth, fashion and cultural history as well as the voices of makers and designers, this inspiring and arresting book offers a window into one of the most innovative, exciting and thoughtful areas of fashion today." --
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fo 52/40/18

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