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Inventing the alphabet: the origins of letters from antiquity to the present

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Datenträgertyp (RDA) Band
1. Person/Familie Drucker, Johanna [VerfasserIn]
Titel Inventing the alphabet: the origins of letters from antiquity to the present
Verantw.-ang. Johanna Drucker
Verlagsort (RDA) Chicago ; London
Verlag (RDA) The University of Chicago Press
E-Jahr 2022
E-Jahr (RDA) [2022]
E-Jahr (RDA) © 2022
Umfangsangabe 380 Seiten : Illustrationen
Weitere Angaben Literaturverzeichnis: Seite 347-361
Hinw. auf parallele Ausg. Erscheint auch als (Online-Ausgabe): 978-0-226-81580-0
ISBN 978-0-226-81581-7 hbk
Bezugswerk Inhaltsverzeichnis
Schlagwort / lok. Alphabet / Geschichte
Inhaltliche Zsfg. "Though there are many books about the history of the alphabet, virtually none address how that history came to be. In Inventing the Alphabet, Johanna Drucker guides readers from antiquity to the present to show how humans have shaped and reshaped their own understanding of this transformative writing tool. From ancient beliefs in the alphabet as a divine gift to growing awareness of its empirical origins through the study of scripts and inscriptions, Drucker describes the frameworks-classical, textual, biblical, graphical, antiquarian, archaeological, paleographic, and political-within which the alphabet's history has been and continues to be constructed. Drucker's book begins in ancient Greece, with the earliest writings on the alphabet's origins. She then explores biblical sources on the topic and medieval preoccupations with the magical properties of individual letters. She later delves into the development of modern archaeological and paleographic tools, and she concludes with the role of alphabetic characters in the digital era. Throughout, she argues that, as a shared form of knowledge technology integrated into every aspect of our lives, the alphabet performs complex cultural, ideological, and technical functions, and her carefully curated selection of images demonstrates how closely the letters we use today still resemble their original appearance millennia ago"--
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fo 23/20/53

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