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aSudmann, Andreas
331 ¬The¬ democratization of Artificial Intelligence
335 Net Politics in the Era of Learning Algorithms
359 Andreas Sudmann (ed.)
419 aBielefeld
425a 2019
433 1 Online-Ressource (331 Seiten) : Illustrationen
501 Open Access
501 Von der letzten BuchseiteIn "acknowledgments" : ... "is based in part on contributions from an international coference that took place in Bochum in 2018"
516 In English
527 a978-3-8376-4719-8
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540 a978-3-8394-4719-2
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750 Frontmatter -- Content -- The Democratization of Artificial Intelligence -- Metaphors We Live By -- AI, Stereotyping on Steroids and Alan Turing's Biological Turn -- Productive Sounds -- Algorithmic Trading, Artificial Intelligence and the Politics of Cognition -- The Quest for Workable Data -- Plural, Situated Subjects in the Critique of Artificial Intelligence -- Deep Learning's Governmentality -- Reduction and Participation -- The Political Affinities of AI -- Artificial Intelligence -- Race and Computer Vision -- Mapping the Democratization of AI on GitHub -- On the Media-political Dimension of Artificial Intelligence -- How to Safeguard AI -- AI, Democracy and the Law -- Rethinking the Knowledge Problem in an Era of Corporate Gigantism -- Artificial Intelligence and the Democratization of Art -- "That is a 1984 Orwellian future at our doorstep, right?" -- Biographies -- Acknowledgments
753 The recent explosion in interest in both the democratization of data and artificial intelligence (AI) brings important questions to the fore: How democratic is AI? How to explore the political aspects of modern machine learning if many computer scientists consider AI technologies a black box fundamentally opaque to human understanding? And how does this affect questions of accountability and political agency?This timely collection discusses the complex political dimensions of internet and AI technologies, seeking to elucidate possible avenues of democratizing AI. This includes technological strategies such as an 'Explainable AI', but also the questions of political and/or critical concepts which guide the technological process of making modern AI technology more accessible as well as suitable ways of democratizing AI beyond a purely abstract understanding of transparency and accountability
GT1 L000054435
aAI critique
bVolume 1
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