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¬The¬ democratization of Artificial Intelligence : Net Politics in the Era of Learning Algorithms / Andreas Sudmann (ed.). - Bielefeld : transcript-Verlag, 2019. - 1 Online-Ressource (331 Seiten) : Illustrationen . - (AI critique ; Volume 1)
Open Access
Von der letzten BuchseiteIn "acknowledgments" : ... "is based in part on contributions from an international coference that took place in Bochum in 2018"
ISBN 978-3-8394-4719-2
Frontmatter -- Content -- The Democratization of Artificial Intelligence -- Metaphors We Live By -- AI, Stereotyping on Steroids and Alan Turing's Biological Turn -- Productive Sounds -- Algorithmic Trading, Artificial Intelligence and the Politics of Cognition -- The Quest for Workable Data -- Plural, Situated Subjects in the Critique of Artificial Intelligence -- Deep Learning's Governmentality -- Reduction and Participation -- The Political Affinities of AI -- Artificial Intelligence -- Race and Computer Vision -- Mapping the Democratization of AI on GitHub -- On the Media-political Dimension of Artificial Intelligence -- How to Safeguard AI -- AI, Democracy and the Law -- Rethinking the Knowledge Problem in an Era of Corporate Gigantism -- Artificial Intelligence and the Democratization of Art -- "That is a 1984 Orwellian future at our doorstep, right?" -- Biographies -- Acknowledgments

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