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Martini, Alexandra: Inspired by method : creative tools for the design process / Alexandra Martini. - Amsterdam : BIS Publishers, [2020]. - 240 Seiten : Illustrationen ; 227 cm x 187 cm ISBN 978-90-6369-573-6 : EUR 35.00 (DE) (freier Preis), EUR 35.00 (AT) (freier Preis) - ISBN 90-6369-573-X
Kreativität / Design ; Design / Methodologie
What is inspiration? Can there be a method? This book is both a guide to inspiration and a source of inspiration. With individuality and methods we design and depending on the project we use them - consciously or subconsciously. The inspiration method is a small, sharp tool that you can use in any design process when you are sitting in front of an empty sheet of paper. The first phase will make you get started. The second phase allows you to experiment and go unusual ways.

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